Just When You Thought He Couldn’t Sink Any Lower


When I read this I gasped – for real. Wow! Just when you thought he couldn’t sink any lower. Not only did Obama eulogize a woman whose name he can’t remember, and turn it into an opportunity to reflect on himself, he even lied about her situation. He said she didn’t have health insurance, when in fact she did.

She had delayed going to a doctor after she began to feel sick. She explained that she could only afford so-called “catastrophic” insurance — one that required her to pay $5,000 in deductibles before the insurance kicked in.

My heart goes out to her family, but to say she didn’t have health insurance is a lie. The article linked above went on to explain that Melanie Shouse used her savings to start a small business. Apparently, she chose the large deductible policy, and chose to invest in her business. But what better investment is there than in one’s own life? If we aren’t willing to invest in our own lives, why should we expect others to make that investment?

And why did people laugh about Ms. Shouse being cremated in an Obama t-shirt?

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