The Polls Keep Getting Worse for Coakley


The way things are looking, the only way Martha Coakley will pull out a win is if Ed Schultz gets his way.

Via Vodka Pundit here and here, more bad news for Martha Coakley.

Roger Simon: A poll taken Sunday afternoon while President Obama was in Massachusetts campaigning for Democrat Martha Coakley against Republican Scott Brown for the open Senate seat in that state showed Brown leading his Democratic opponent by 9.6% (51.9% to 42.3% with 5.7% undecided).

The poll, conducted via telephone for Pajamas Media by CrossTarget, was of 574 Likely Massachusetts Voters and has a margin of error of +/-4.09%. CrossTarget used the exact method – Interactive Voice Technology (IVR) – it used in a similar poll for PJM on Friday. The previous poll showed Brown ahead by approximately 15%.

A poll released Sunday from the Merrimam River Group shows Brown up by an identical 9.6%. …

And Intrade has Brown over Coakley 60/40.