Obama’s Organizing for America Recruiting at Public High Schools


This makes me so sick. Schools are supposed to be places where we send our kids to be educated, not indoctrinated. But that’s exactly what they’re doing, and they’re being quite bold about it.

Atlas Shrugs: An Atlas reader, Chuck,  has a student in the eleventh grade in an Ohio High School. Her government class passed out this propaganda recruiting paper so students could sign up as interns for Obama’s Organizing for America (OFA is the former mybarackobama.com site.)

Obama is using our public school system to recruit for his Alinsky-inspired private army. Organizing for America is (and I quote) recruiting in our high schools to “build on the movement that elected President Obama by empowering students across the country to help us bring about our agenda” …………of national socialism.

The Ohio High School is Perry Local in Massillon, Ohio.

This is incredible. And evil. Suffer the little children — enlisted like SS youth. This is no accident. Obama is poisoning our public school system. He acts as if it’s his own private breeding farm. Once again academic learning  and achievement is hopelessly abandoned, and supplanted by radical leftist activism from the leftwing Alinsky indoctrinators in the perverse public school system.

Children must be advised to expose this ugly propaganda. Children must tell their parents how they are being used and manipulated. Parents, warn your kids. Better yet, home school.

Check out the recommended reading list page 4:

  • Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky
  • The New Organizers, Zack Exley
  • Stir It Up: Lessons from Community Organizing and Advocacy, Rinku Sen
  • Obama Field Organizers Plot a Miracle, Zack Exley, Huffington Post
  • Dreams of My Father Chicago Chapters, Barack Hussein Obama

This internship program is geared towards the 2010 elections. Using our kids as their goons. Can you imagine if the Republicans attempted such a fascist stunt?

Read the whole thing.

Most of us don’t have much choice but to send our kids to the indoctrination camps known as public schools. Our property taxes are sky high, forcing many mothers to work, so home schooling is out. So is private school if you can’t afford tuition after paying for the public schools through taxes. It’s such a racket. Any talk of reforming public schools brings cries of “Oh, the teachers! The teachers!” What about the kids? Does anyone ever talk about the kids? No! 

Follow Atlas’ advice and warn your kids about this propaganda. And if you see it happening at your school speak up and speak out.  

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