Massachusetts Senate Race Roundup – Scott Brown By a Landslide?


Wordstream, Inc. believes Scott Brown is going to win the election by a landslide, based on a study of social media.”The findings were staggering. The data suggests that conventional pollsters and Washington insiders have it completely wrong, and Brown is going to trounce Coakley.” This method of predicting elections is new, and who knows how reliable, but it’s certainly a good sign!

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Big Journalism dug into Martha Coakley’s past and her record as a prosecutor in Massachusetts. Let’s just say, she’d be the perfect person to follow in the footsteps of Teddy from Chappaquiddick.

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Video surfaced of Coakley’s goon knocking over the reporter. No, the reporter didn’t trip.

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A leading Massachusetts Blue Dog sounded the alarm on next week’s election, telling his followers to hold their noses and vote for the sucky candidate.

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Curt Schilling blasted Martha Coakley for dissing Fenway Park fans.

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Scott Brown held a big press conference. The Other McCain has all of the details, as well as background information and links.

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Speaking of the press, they were caught misleading the public with allegations that Scott Brown said he was unaware of the Tea Party movement. (Typical!)

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(New videos below the fold.)

Legal Insurrection has the story of how Brown and his wife follow the rules, even though it isn’t politically expedient.

No Sheeples Here joins the ranks of those who expect a Miracle in Massachusetts.

Reaganite Republican Resistance has a pretty good roundup of his own.

Scott Brown has the momentum.

While Martha Coakley has gone negative, with a little help from the lobbyists.

da tech guy linked – Thanks. And that would be she might have to change her name. 😉 Just sayin’

The Other McCain linked – Thanks!