Worth A Read


Sorry for the light posting. I’m still cleaning up from Christmas, which was wonderful, by the way. Christmas Eve was blessedly quiet this year. We took the kids to church and it was just the four of us Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Family arrived Christmas afternoon and we had a jolly good time.  Now I’m getting the house back in order and catching up on the news. The only down side is that I’ve come down with a touch of a cold.

In case you missed it, Obama signed an executive order which, in essence, elevates Interpol above the constraints of American law enforcement. The media has failed to pick up on the story, even though he signed the order on the 17th of December. In light of this event, The Anchoress reposted The Art of the Painless Coup, which is a must read. The left has worked and waited for quite some time to fundamentally transform America. It’s time for Americans to get back to trusting our gut instincts if we wish to preserve the liberty we’ve inherited.

President Obama has appointed another radical – one Hannah Rosenthal. Rosenthal is a special envoy reporting on anti-Semitism, who immediately blasted Israel. She once served on the board of J Street and she’s also tied to The New Party, which is an offshoot of the Communist Party. Nice friends Obama’s got there. (H/T Lew)

One woman has drawn a line in the sand. She’s had enough. She wrote that if the health care bill is signed by the president she will not comply. If she winds up facing prosecution for her civil disobedience, let’s hope she’s arrested by US law enforcement and not Interpol.

Unions are getting creative in finding ways to force indivuals to join their ranks. In Michigan, and other states, they’ve schemed with the government to unionize self employed day care providers. If you aren’t a day care provider and wonder why that would matter to you, stop and think. If they can do it to them, why couldn’t they find a way to do it to you?

The Obama’s continue to live high on the hog. They’re staying at a $4000 per night Hawaii mansion for their Christmas vacation. I wonder how much carbon was spewed into the air to get them and their entourage over there.