Weekend Roundup


Sorry I haven’t posted much in the past day or so. What a crazy time of year, bit I love it anyway! I kept busy today doing my part to stimulate the economy – I only wish I wore different shoes. I got a late start thanks to a rockin’ Christmas party last night. My, oh my, it’s a wonderful life!

Here’s everything I missed:

As if ClimateGate never happened, President Obama has changed his schedule and will make his grand appearance in Copenhagen on the last day of the meeting, rather than the first. He’s on board with the plan to transfer massive sums of wealth to help developing nations battle non-existent global warming. Yeah, he really cares about jobs.

I wonder if Al Gore will cancel his cancellation now that the Copenhagen call girls will be giving it away for free.

Just a day after announcing the merger with NBC, Comcast came out with a hearty endorsement of ObamaCare. Something tells me the programming at MSNBC won’t change much after the deal is done.

To anyone who hit RS McCain’s tip jar, he extends an apology for being an ungrateful bastard and not saying thanks. Apology accepted.

Nancy Pelosi attended an awards dinner and a Tea Party broke out. Fun times, fun times!

The never-classy Rachel Maddow proved just how lacking in class she is by airing a video showing her viewers what she and her twisted buddies mean by teabagging. There must be something in the left wing water – a global warming alarmist called a skeptic an a-hole on live TV.

Maggie’s Notebook has the latest of the rift between Bill Ayers and President Obama.

Michelle Malkin’s piece about the War on Cops is a must read. Police are not the enemy, unless you’re a big lefty.

I’m more confused about the Afghanistan strategy with each passing day. This didn’t do anything to clear things up.

The Salahis aren’t the first White House party crashers. Party crashing has been a pretty regular occurrence at the Obama White House, and his social secretary, Desiree Rogers allowed it to happen. Not only did she allow it to occur, she made the crashers feel right at home.

Gateway Pundit has even more evidence against the crude pervert Kevin Jennings, Obama’s safe schools czar. It just keeps getting worse with that guy.

Check out the 9/11 Families rally that took place in New York City this morning at Gathering of Eagles.

I hope you weren’t too encouraged by Senator Gregg’s handbook for how to stop ObamaCare. His colleagues are ignoring it. Sigh.

Obama will miss some football Sunday afternoon so he can strong arm senators into passing ObamaCare. I guess he figures he hasn’t killed enough jobs yet. Speaking of jobs, he thinks doing more of the same non-job creating spending will magically create jobs. So he wants to spend unused TARP funds on a jobs program. Brilliant!

Socialist thug Hugo Chavez has taken over a few more banks. Obama must be so jealous.

In case I missed anything Reaganite Republican has a little roundup of his own from the conservative blogosphere. So does Carol at No Sheeples Here.

Now where did I put that wrapping paper?