Immelt Touts Communist Party Line


This coming from a guy whose business depends on government handouts and back scratching. What a corrupt hypocrite. The Jeffrey Immelt’s of the world make me sick.

The Financial Times reported:

Jeffrey Immelt, General Electric’s chief executive, said on Wednesday his generation of business leaders had succumbed to “meanness and greed” that had harmed the US economy and increased the gap between the rich and the poor.

Mr Immelt’s attack on his fellow corporate chiefs – made in a speech at the West Point military academy – is one of the strongest criticisms by a top executive of the compensation and business practices that prevailed before the financial crisis.

But he couldn’t leave it at that. No, the violins had to come out, you know, before revealing what a total scumbag he really is.

The bottom 25 per cent of the American population is poorer than they were 25 years ago. That is just wrong,” he said. “Ethically, leaders do share a common responsibility to narrow the gap between the weak and the strong.”

GE wants to win a large slice of the infrastructure projects funded by governments around the world in an effort to kick-start their economies.

Mr Immelt said business should welcome government as “a catalyst for leadership and change”.

Mr Immelt also issued a mea culpa over his inabilty to foresee the financial turmoil, which slashed GE’s profits and put its financial arm, GE Capital, under pressure, saying he should have been a better listener.

“I felt like I should have done more to anticipate the radical changes that occurred,” he said.

The last line is the best. As if he didn’t anticipate the “radical changes” and made sure he was in the perfect position to benefit from those “radical changes.”

Note to readers: Stop watching NBC and all of its affiliates, and no matter what, don’t buy any GE products.