Michele Bachmann: PelosiCare is the Crown Jewel of Socialism


Michele Bachmann talked to Sean Hannity last night about PelosiCare, after Hannity pointed out abortion will be funded, the death panels remain, out taxes will go up and Medicare will be cut by $500 Billion. Michele Bachmann said it’s a nightmare and a horror picture show.

This is the crown jewel of socialism, this bill. And we only have next week to stop it.

She also describes how the goverment option will collapse private insurance so we all fold into a single payer government system. The elderly will impacted the most. Since there’s only one option to getting old, every American should be against this bill.

If you have any spare vacation days, head to DC next week for Bachmann’s press conference on the Capitol steps next Thursday at noon. She’d like you to join her in paying a House call on Nancy Pelosi to let you know what you think of her plans for our health care system.

Via Breitbart