I’ll take Doug Hoffman over Newt Gingrich any day


I don’t know what happened to Newt Gingrich. He’s never been my favorite politician, but I used to think he at least had some good ideas. Perhaps he should go back to bashing democrats and stay out of the battles to save our party and our republic.

There really was no good reason for him to insert himself into the race for the vacant seat in NY’s 23rd district. For one thing, he’s an ex-politician. He doesn’t hold public office and he doesn’t have a duty to support republicans. He’s billed himself as a conservative, if I remember correctly. So why is he suddenly all about the party when the party is making a huge mistake? I guess he’s what Mike Church calls a “decepticon.” You know, one of those republicans who pretends to be a conservative but is willing to sell out conservatives to get elected. Decepticons believe things like “Big government would be great if only republicans were in charge of it. We’re so much more efficient than those silly democrats.”

All of Newt’s talk about a big tent is nothing but BS. To save face he started bashing conservatives in general, and Doug Hoffman in particular – the only Reagan Republican in the race. The conservative base of the GOP is furious at Gingrich, which makes it odd that he’d pick now to announce he’s considering a run for president. Is he delusional? If he wants to write about the values of our Founders that’s one thing, but there’s no way in hell I’ll ever vote for Gingrich in a primary. NEVER! He’s officially put party above principle.

I don’t know Doug Hoffman personally, but I’ve been following his campaign closely and at this point he’s been uncorrupted by politics. He’s the sort of politician our Founders had in mind – a citizen politician. He grew up poor and worked hard his whole life. He recognized what was happening to our republic and he stepped up. He’s a lot like us but maybe just a bit better. While we sit back and complain he’s actually doing something about it. Good for Doug Hoffman. And shame on Newt Gingrich for coming down on the wrong side of history.


Related: Tim Pawlenty made it official and has endorsed Hoffman. Mike Huckabee remains mum, but at least he isn’t taking sides. He certainly hasn’t endorsed Scozzafava.

If you follow the links you’ll know that Doug Hoffman worked on the 1980 Lake Placid Olympic Organizing Committee. Remember the miracle? Can we hope for a conservative miracle out of NY23? Who knows? And let us not forget that Mr. Hoffman is but a man, simply trying to stand up for traditional conservative values. He’s not a Messiah and doesn’t claim to be. That being said, a little known third party conservative candidate from New York, managing to beat the Democrat and Republican political machines, would be somewhat miraculous in this day and age. This could very well be the tipping point for a sea change in politics that’s so sorely needed. Support Doug Hoffman.