The Rise of Obama: From Community Organizer to Commander in Chief


How did this obscure man rise to power so quickly? He never ran a business. He never governed a state, city, or town. He never served in the military. He never served in the federal government?

The Astute Bloggers has a pretty good run down of how Barack Obama rose to power.

Obama was being groomed for decades.

They helped him get into Columbia, and then into Harvard (according to Percy Sutton).

They got him his lawyering intern-job where he met Michellethe daughter of a long-time Chicago machine member.

They got him his first “community organizer” job – also in Chicago.

They ran him on the New Party line – a socialist party backed by the SEIU.

They got him on the Democrat Party ballot for state senator (a stepping stone job if ever there was one) – and got his opponents off the ballot to guarantee a win in his state senate run.

(More on the ruthlessness with which Obama’s supporters cleared the path for him here).

(More here
and here.)

While in the Illinois State Senate, Obama never took on the machine or achieved any important legislation.

He never did anything of import in the Illinois Senate – except for defending and voting for infanticide.

Obama’s suporters – including the SEIU and ACORN – did the same thing for his US Senate run as they did for his Illinois state senate run (and Obama won a SURPISE landlside… hmmm…) – and they even got rid of the GOP candidate who might’ve given Obama a run for the money.

THEN… then they got him an important time slot at the Kerry Convention. AND THIS IS WHERE THE TIMING GOT PUSHED WAY WAY UP:

His Kerry-speech won him enormous attention and extraordinary accolades they didn’t expect, and this is when they started to think they might be able to stage a run for the POTUS in 2008 – as a trial run, practice – never expecting to win.

Read the whole thing and follow the links if you’re curious about Obama’s climb from the Chicago political machine to the White House.