80% of New Yorkers Must Be Racist


New York Governor David Paterson’s approval rate is an abysmal 20%. That must mean that 80% of New Yorkers are racist, at least if you’re listening to the left’s new narrative.

Governor David Paterson can’t catch a break from registered voters in New York State. Only one-fifth thinks he is performing well in office while 34% say he is doing a poor job. Paterson has had no luck climbing out of the political basement. In Marist’s June survey, the governor garnered a 21% approval rating. One month prior, he chalked up 19%.

The news for Governor Paterson gets even worse. When looking at party, he is even scraping bottom with his fellow Democrats. Just 24% of Democrats say he is doing well as governor. 12% of Republicans and 22% of non-enrolled voters agree.

Wow! Even a majority of democrats in New York are racist. Who knew?

In all fairness, while I’m no fan of the Governor, the state legislature deserves even worse approval ratings. They should all be voted out of office, regardless of party. This paragraph has been censored because it doesn’t fit the new political narrative.