American Seniors have an Alternative to AARP


Thousands of American seniors are tearing up their AARP cards and canceling their memberships. Good for them! But is there an alternative to AARP?

I never gave it much thought since I’m quite a few years away from retirement. But hearing about AARP members giving up on the AARP made me curious. I found the ASA, or American Seniors Association, on line. I checked out their web site and they say they are the conservative alternative to the AARP. Their website says that if you send in your torn up AARP membership card you get your second year of ASA membership for free.

They certainly can’t be worse. Who does the AARP represent? Their members or the democrat party? It’s hard to believe that millions of American seniors want to see their membership fees used to fund liberal candidates and advocate liberal policies.

Update: Reader informed me the link to American Seniors was broken. Now it’s fixed. Thanks, George.