Malice or Incompetence?



Are President Obama and the Democrats acting with malice or incompetence? I believe it’s a bit of both.

Firing Inspector General Gerald Walpin was a malicious, illegal act by Obama. Cutting off debate of the war funding bill was an act of malice by Speaker Pelosi. Bankrupting our nation with the stimulus bill was malicious, as nobody even bothered to read it.

As far as foreign policy – that one’s a toss up. I think it’s more incompetence with a large dose of hubris.

Anyone paying attention knows Obama is incompetent when it comes to economic issues. He has zero experience when it comes to the economy. All he has is rhetoric and power – a dangerous combination. Today the president said something about the invisible hand of the market place vs. the guiding hand of government. It was another Diet Coke through the nose moment (think Freddie and Fannie). With the exception of the United States military, I can’t think of a government agency that does anything well, or better than the private sector can do.

The president also said he loses sleep worrying about the deficit. If he really gives a hoot about the deficit he should stop signing massive pork-laden spending bills. Many Americans are losing sleep these days, largely due to his policies – even if they don’t yet blame him. Sooner or later the honeymoon will end and they’ll realize the object of their affection is nothing more than a man. A man who isn’t all he sold himself to be during the courting stage. Oh, the heartbreak.

Back to malice vs. incompentence.

I don’t think all democrats have malicious intentions when it comes to health care. There’s a lot more arrogance – the belief that a few hundred bureaucrats can run the health care industry in America. Do they really believe they can provide really cheap health care to millions of Americans without crippling our economy? Apparently, they do. Robert M. Golberg made the case that they are completely incompentent in the American Spectator.

Fourth, the Kennedy bill gives a Medical Advisory Council power to determine what new technologies and benefits can be covered and are introduced. It’s the same technique Obama wants to use to curb the rate of growth in Medicare. John McCain suggested paying for his health care tax credit plan with Medicare savings. During the election, Obama said that “would mean fewer places to get care, and less freedom to choose your own doctors…. I don’t think that’s right.”

Today, Obama would slash payments and choices to seniors — mostly the sickest — to help pay for GM-type health plans, retiree slush funds, and the mass relocation of middle-class Americans into a richer version of the Indian Health Service. On top of that, the Kennedy bill costs $1 trillion to “cover” 16 million new people in the process. By tossing 40 million out of private insurance no less. Not only is it not right. It’s incompetent.

Incompetent, indeed. But I would have to add that propping up the unions on the backs of the sick and elderly is also a bit malicious.