Governor Paterson Rips on Unions, Politicians and the Press – From a Wheelchair


At a weekend charity dinner, New York Governor David Paterson parodied a political attack ad that featured a wheelchair bound man asking the governor “Why are you doing this to me?”

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Paterson’s taking a lot of heat for it. It’s pretty funny if you ask me. What’s ironic is that Paterson is a bit sensitive when his disability is mocked, so you would think he would be sensitive to others with disabilities.

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In his nearly five-minute response, Paterson left very few targets unskewered, taking aim at reporters, labor unions, goo-goos, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith and even his own free-spending ways vis-a-vis the executive mansion.

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What’s most ironic is that the governor has pretty much caved in to everyone he’s mocking.

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Paterson’s LCA Response from Elizabeth Benjamin on Vimeo.