The Nature Nazis Strike Again


This time they’re going after asthmatics. That’s right. Starting January 1 all asthma inhalers containing CFCs will be outlawed. The cost of the new “green” inhalers ranges from $30 to $60 (as opposed to $5 to $10).

In other words, while the nation was having a debate about how to lower health care costs, the enviro-nazis were seeing to it that health care is more expensive for millions of Americans.

In addition to the added costs, some patients are allergic to ingredients in the new eco-friendly inhalers and these new inhalers have harsher side effects than the old inhalers. World wide use of the old inhalers accounts for less than 1% of global CFC emissions.

Is it really worth risking the health of millions of pulmonary patients for something with such miniscule effects on the environment? This is just another example of the environmentalists’ disregard for humanity. If you are against this new law, you can sign a petition to save CFC inhalers.