Monday Musings


I think Deepak Chopra should stick to aromatherapy and enemas and leave the war on terror to the experts. Heal thyself, Deepak!

The Dow dropped almost 700 points today. Will George Stephanopoulos attribute it to Barack Obama’s press conference this morning? Oh come on, you know that’s funny!

Is it just me, or does it make anyone else nervous that Barney Frank will have a role in the Fannie/Freddie makeover? As a mom, I’m all for cleaning up our own messes, but come on!

If we close Gitmo, where will wounded terrorists go for treatment after trying to kill members of the US military?

When Hillary spoke earlier at Barack Obama’s news conference, she expressed that the decision to leave her job as a NY Senator was a tough one. I found that odd, since she’s been trying to leave her job for several years now.

While Americans line up at food pantries, Barack Obama ordered a $30,000 ring for wife, Michelle. I wonder why he couldn’t find an American jeweler from which to make such a grand purchase.