Connecting the dots – Barack Obama and the Radical Left


There just aren’t enough hours in the day to connect all of Obama’s connections to radical left wing organizations. We know about his involvement in ACORN. We know about his association with Bill Ayers. Much has been written about his associations (mostly on the web, since the MSM is uninterested), but nobody has tied it all together into one cohesive story.

Well, now James Simpson at American Thinker has done just that. In Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis, Simpson makes the case that the left not only caused the current financial crisis, but they intended for it to happen. It’s part of their sinister plan to turn the United States into a socialist country.

One of two things must be true. Either the Democrats are unfathomable idiots, who ignorantly pursue ever more destructive policies despite decades of contrary evidence, or they understand the consequences of their actions and relentlessly carry on anyway because they somehow benefit.

I submit to you they understand the consequences. For many it is simply a practical matter of eliciting votes from a targeted constituency at taxpayer expense; we lose a little, they gain a lot, and the politician keeps his job. But for others, the goal is more malevolent – the failure is deliberate. Don’t laugh. This method not only has its proponents, it has a name: the Cloward-Piven Strategy. It describes their agenda, tactics, and long-term strategy.

The article provides an in-depth analysis of the radicals Obama is tied to and his involvement with ACORN and the current financial crisis. We’ve heard Obama speak of “sometimes there are unintended consequences.” This well documented and researched piece will make you wonder. Are those consequences really unintended or are they simply the means to an end?

It’s important to read the entire article to gain a complete understanding of Barack Obama’s past and how it ties into what is going on today.